Please note that all highlighted songs are downloadable mp3 files.

Peter Apfelbaum & the NY Hieroglyphics
release pending 2004

Peck Allmond Group
"Kalimba Collage"
SoniCulture Records 2004

Stew Cutler
"So Many Streams"
Fountainbleu 2004

Josh Roseman Unit
"A Book of Openings"
Enja/Justin Time 2003

Oliver Lake Big Band
Passin' Thru 2003

Dave Binney
Act 2002

Peck Allmond Group
"Slow Songs"
Self-produced 2002

1. Lea's Airplane Song
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well
3. All or Nothing
4. There Will Never Be Another You
5. The Things We Did Last Summer
6. On the Sunny Side of the Street
7. Angela's In-Laws in Los Angeles
8. End of a Love Affair
9. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song


Peck Allmond Group
"Short Stories"
Spirit Nectar 2001

1. The River
2. Zendik Farm
3. Word from Tokyo
4. Julian's Sound
5. Dr. Strange
6. She Moved Through the Fair
7. Mr. Okufolo
8. It Never Entered My Mind
9. Santa Lucia
10. Seems Like Old Times
11. Jumping Mouse

Michael Blake & Free Association
Intuition 2000

Ballin' The Jack
Knitting Factory Works 1999

Craig Handy
"Reflections in Change"
Sirocco Jazz Ltd 1999

Orange Then Blue Big Band
"Hold the Elevator"
GM Records 1999

Tonton David
"Faut Qu'Ca Arrete"
Sans Limite 1999

Dawn Thompson Quintet
NY Jam 1998

Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet
"The Jig is Up"
Pink Tomato 1998

Armando Rodriguez - Victor Rendon Latin Jazz
Orchestra (Chico O'Farrell, arranger)

"Havana Blues"
Palmetto 1998

Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra
"Shiva Station"
Triloka 1997

Pan Ramajay
Ramajay 1997

Ray Brown's Great Big Band
"Impressions of Point Lobos"
Brown Cats 1996

Brian Ales
"Creature of Habit"
Intuition 1996

Peck Allmond Group
"The Peck Allmond Group"
self-produced 1992

Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra
Triloka 1992

Mesa/Blue Moon 1992

Zulu Spear
"Welcome to the USA"
Liberty/Capitol 1992

Peter Apfelbaum & the Hieroglyphics Ens.
"Jodoji Brightness"
Antilles 1992

Peter Apfelbaum & the Hieroglyphics Ens.
"Signs of Life"
Antilles 1991 (grammy-nominated)

Don Cherry
A&M 1990

"Freedom is What Everybody Needs"
Mesa/Blue Moon 1990

Clark Suprynowicz and Rinde Eckert
"In Sleep A King"
Sound Aspects 1990

O.J. Ekemode and the Nigerian All-stars
"From Selma to Soweto"
Ashiko 1990